Friday, March 1, 2013


Another venture with my watercolour pencils and black pen. i have discovered looking at a photo of my work shows me what isn't skew-whiff bird bath! I also put more colour into the trees when I saw an earlier photos. This painting is from a 'view' at the back of our house, an old twisted mulberry tree and the remnants of a very old plum tree. There have been violets massed in the shade of these trees until lately when the wretched chooks have scratched most of them up. My only consolation is that they are not digging up the 'better' areas in my rather neglected garden! And we love getting their eggs!

Can anyone tell me WHY this is upside down! When I put the photos onto the computer I corrected it so that it was the right way but coming onto the this blog it turned back to it's original. Why it was upside down I don't know either as the others all came out the right way. The joys of a semi-illiterate computer blogger!!
Anyway, this is a sedum with its pinky Autumn colour using my 'scribble' drawing as a base. I do like to scribble loosely like this but I have a fight with my inner self who thinks I should draw things as they really are. But it does make for a much looser drawing.
Have a lovely weekend and do some things for you that you really want to do!
Oh, and a photo from this morning's walk to get the mail, our next door neighbour's horses in our paddock.

I love to see them and especially with their tails swishing in the wind.


  1. Hi Mrs A , love your latest drawing too.
    I'm experimenting with using a pen in my latest picture...scary but hopefully the end result will be O.K.
    About the upside down pic....after you turned it round did you click onto the next image....this causes the computer the save your changes....hope this helps.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thankyou Jacquie, I will haVe a try tomorrow. Black pen is good fun but once the line goes down you can't change it, like my wonky bird bath! Thank you for your comment, I love to get feedback, have a happy weekend, love Aubrey

  2. I love them all Mum and the photo of the horses is wonderful. Love me xxooxx.

  3. I love your sketch, it wild and quirky and totally wonderful. Love what you are doing.
    Anne xx