Thursday, March 21, 2013


I had been very covetous of Kate's hexagon rug when I was in NZ maybe two or three years ago so decided I would have to make one for myself. Well, time slips away and other projects have appeared, some finished, others becoming WIPS too, sitting beside me in various containers...bags and a copper preserving pan. The copper pan hasn't been used for a long time in its original role but it is such a good size in which to pile all the WIPS. I rather think it must drive my orderly big man nuts but he is very long suffering and accepting of my mess.
Back to the hexies..of course the pattern is from Lucy at Attic24...thankyou yet again Lucy for your amazing help and inspiration! I began crocheting the hexies together as I went but then decided I couldn't plan my colours well enough that way. I had quite a goodly amount crocheted together but decided to undo the joining together...which of course meant extra rows had to come out as well. But,one must be brave, I thought to myself, took out my little nippers and nipped.. the wool. I have only just added the slatey blue hexies as I felt it needed something besides all the other wools I was using. A colour to hag it all together. I do try to do two or three hexies most nights but often it is just the one, not very much at all. When I knit at night time I can get quite a lot done but my crocheting is much slower as I need to watch what I am doing. As you can imagine if there is something decent on TV, I don't get much done at all.dinner time is looming so I must go....then after dinner it will be back to my hexies!

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  1. Your hexies are gorgeous, look at all those gorgeous colours! Thanks for showing your very creative WIP container. Your a girl after my own heart with bits and pieces everywhere just waiting to be picked up at a moments notice and worked on.
    Looking forward to seeing you blanket when you've finished.
    Anne xx