Thursday, October 16, 2014


Our big news this week is that we have bought a house. Very exciting as we have been looking for ten months to get something we liked. I'm looking forward so much to unpacking all the boxes in storage, probably getting rid of even more as we unpack. We are not sure when we will move, the present owners have to find somewhere to live while they build. All my art and crafting materials in one place! All the things I've had to manage without! 
One of the joys of a new garden is discovering all the treasures in the garden. I know in our new garden there are some lovely gardenias, camellias, a silver birch, all favourites of mine and there will be room to plant all the roses I've brought with us that are now in pots. A really good lemon tree....always great to have! And, I'm hoping for lots of surprises as the seasons roll round. Things do have a habit of popping up...bulbs would be lovely!
The garden here in our rental is a beautiful Spring garden, the blossom trees, in particular a flowering cherry and a couple of stunning crabapples....

The roses here are also beginning to burst out, all beautiful. And I'm delighted to see some of the roses I potted to bring with us are flowering too, always a bit of a gamble not knowing whether they will adjust to going back into a pot. The following yellow rose is a very treasured rose, a cutting  taken from a really old rose in the original garden at the farm.

This pink rose is the first for our season, picked and brought into me by E, I'm sure that makes it even better!
Hopefully I'll be back soon with a lovely bunch of roses for you!

Monday, October 6, 2014


When I was a little girl my brothers and I rode our bikes to school every day, heat, rain, frost, no matter! Off we toddled 2 miles, approx 5 Ks, for the six years we attended the tiny country primary school. In Spring time we were attacked by a family of magpies. Every year the same tree! We would ride reasonably close, pause, and then peddle hell-for-leather hoping we would miss the ping as the sharp beaks connected!  I don't think the beaks often did connect but we always heard the snap as they flew past our ears, warning us I suppose!
Little did I think many moons later that I would hear those familiar snaps again! As most of my readers would know I now have an adult (thank heavens) three wheeler bike which I ride around our little town in the mornings. A couple of weeks ago there was the familiar sound which I instantly recognised, as well as the flap of feathers as the magpie swooped at me. One morning he/she followed me, flying from tree to tree, swooping between each one! BUT the good thing NOW is that I wear a helmet so I'm perfectly safe if I were actually caught by those beaks! No helmets back in the days of the dinosaur, just our delicate little heads!
I love to have magpies around, I adore listening to their warbling, a lovely start to the day! Here we have lots of blackbirds and thrushes who welcome the day with their songs. What a beautiful start to the day!
Before we left the farm I heard a scrabbling from a window and looked up to see a magpie silhouetted against the sky, on the fly wire. He probably could see his reflection and was flirting!

Funny old maggies or mudpies as one small grandchild called them!

Monday, September 29, 2014


What do you do when you get into the shower, you are wet all over and you see you have a huuuuge spider very, very close to your head! Well, no one is near, no knight in shining armour, and you are all wet. Well, I just decided I would finish my shower!! 

And do you see the gap in behind him, I'm sure it was a him he was soooo big, he decided he needed to hide from the sight of the naked me! I wonder why! Well, he squeezed into the crack but had to struggle to get the 'last' half in. The legs twisted and waved, absolute clumsy ballet steps, really hilarious! At last he managed but as I bumped the door in my haste to leave the shower he rushed out, I'm not sure who was moving the quickest at this stage. Now I'm waiting for him to climb out of the shower and then I'll try to catch him with a towel and pop him outside.

Another brilliant sky today and the blossom trees are looking beautiful against the blue backdrop...

Hope you have all had a lovely day. See you soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


A stunning wisteria glimpsed this may realise I loooove wisteria, the scent is just divine and brings back many memories for me. You've probably gathered already that  I do loooove it!!

And then we popped into a church, we hadn't been here before  and thought the crochet and knitted rugs were a wonderful idea for those cold Sunday winter mornings. AND look at the toys in readiness for the children...wonderful ideas!

 Handstitched kneeling cushions.

Very thoughtful additions to the church!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Really no words necessary this morning....

Wisteria and grape vine tangled through the sweetly scented pittosporum, (I think!) the scent was amazing!

Beautiful Spring!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


E has had a birthday today and we have had family here to celebrate at lunchtime. The lovely thing about grandchildren and birthdays is how they make it such fun for the rest of us. Cards drawn, words written that touch the heart.

And the 3 1/2 yr old had to join in, note the writing!! Not the best photos here but you get the picture!

I love love love the effort the kids put in! 
Now you all know that Pa is bald and has a beard, wears boots, is 69 and is much loved by all his grandchildren. Just wish they all could have been here! 
 Kate asked me tonight which book I was reading from my lovely  pile....

The book is set in Northern Australia, going between past and present, a mystery involving two families and I'm really enjoying it. I don't normally enjoy reading outback type books but this one has something  that has me interested. Stayed in bed rather too long this morning as I didn't want to put the book down. Now we have our fire going, the room is nice and cosy and dinner is heat-ups! Bliss!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I've been looking forward to using this term...a SHELFIE as opposed to a SELFIE! I read it somewhere, I'm not sure where now but thought it was very funny! I'm very happy taking SHELFIES, and never would I take a SELFIE!
There is almost nothing as good as a large pile of books waiting for me at the library...all those books full of promise, mystery and hours of quiet delight! 

Reading is almost the most relaxing thing I can do, it can block out the world when my world isn't quite the way I would like, it can just be the deliciousness of getting stuck into a book that almost makes me salivate, it is so good. But then, when this delicious book is finished, nothing else is as good and some of the pleasure of reading has disappeared for a short time! Luckily though the passion for reading comes back to some sort of equilibrium and on I go to the next book.
I've been thinking of this quite a lot as I have just finished the latest Louise Penny book, THE LONG WAY HOME. She is a Canadian writer, writes mysteries that have such depth in them, such understanding of our human foibles and every word is has to be read. A good thing for me as I learned speed reading when studying to be a teacher and I often skim through a book too quickly and probably miss too much. Anyway, back to Louise Penny! She has written a series, all stand alone, concerning an Inspector Gamache and a tiny village tucked away in Canada. Her writing has matured and deepened so much over the years, fascinating to watch. So, if you need a good series to read give her a try!

I'm not sure whether Bear enjoyed the book, he does look a bit bored!
I'm looking forward to reading THE TAXIDERMISTS DAUGHTER. Kate Mosse's other books have been good. Hopefully lots of enjoyment her for me!