Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It isn't every day that husbands give their wives a present of a man but this is what has happened to me. I have realllly needed a hand or two in the garden to 'catch me up' with weeding, mulching and some sorting out. 

And so I have a new man in my life....plus his 'off-sider', an amazing woman. they came yesterday and did heaps, will be back tomorrow. I am so pleased, delighted in fact to see things happening in the garden. What is more they clean up after themselves...and blow the paths and verandah clean. not as I do, heave the weeds onto the paths and verandah as they come out and there they stay until A. either the pile gets bigger or B. until I have another bucket full of energy to complete the task, or C.  my husband gets sick of it and he cleans it up.!
Leonie, as she is called, this amazing woman is a bundle of energy, she has raised 10 children, aged between 37 and 20, has always fostered 2 children at a time, wherever she went she had 12 children following her!!
When she came here yesterday, she had done a night shift, finishing at 7.00am, slept till noon, then mowed her lawns and was here with THE MAN at 3.15. I am looking forward to hearing more of her story!

I have just come home from ten days with Kate at greedy for colour. It is so wonderful to be with my family then and so awful to leave, to have to say good-bye to them all...and it is not only Kate but it is my niece Jodie and her family as well.

Looking.....and laughing at pictures on Pinterest

Special early morning cups of tea with very early visitors.

No photos of Jodie as she had a big op whilst I was there and she wasn't looking her best! However this is her view fro her amazing window seat where I am sure she will be spending some considerable time, looking out on her beautiful garden! By the way, the dog is a sculpture, not one of those really fierce dogs! I LOVE her window seat and always perch there when I visit.
So , now it is home, and that is lovely too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been 'very' absent from posting, months of 'MISSING'. Life just seemed to get in the way and I have had the complications of a new camera. getting to know a new camera is a bit like a new relationship. Very tentative steps to get to know each other, trust has to be worked on and if the friendship is to be a solid one, we need to have some wonderfully positive times together. But at last, with some input from our computer whizz daughter i think I am back in business.
There will be more tomorrow, dinner is calling with very hungry family members so I am off to be the cook.