Monday, October 29, 2012


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and we felt like exploring so set off, firstly to Murchison where we had heard there was an old flour mill just out of town so after a very dreary morning tea we found our way here. the gate was locked so we jut peered through the fence and did the best we could with glimpses through the trees of the actual mill. The little cottage was at the front ,locked, gate but at least we could see it!

This was the well...underground water storage, hidden under the verandah for safety. the water would have been gathered from the roof and then probably just a tap on it for use in the house. Do you see the baby gum tree growing in the water,,, not a good place for it to be so hope someone notices it and pulls it out before it damages the cottage any more than it is now.

The tree and the shed have seen better days too! And the plough!

One way and then the other from the front of the mill.

And some very large ants on the dry parched earth.
Next year the mill is to have an open day in February, I doubt if we will get there but it would be interesting.
The rest of our day will wait for my next blog ...we had a really interesting day. Hope you think so too!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


An open day was held here last Sunday to  raise money for the local hospital. The weather was gorgeous, not too hot and people kept coming and coming. Lots of different things to eat but we didn't go until after lunch.


 This garden has to be the best private garden I have seen. It is nestled at the foot of the Strathbogie Ranges in the NE of Victoria. It was settled in the very early days...again for Australia and was very involved in the establishment of the wool industry. A very brave widow in Scotland travelled to Spain and with her brother imported some of the first merino sheep to Australia. The garden consists of 12 acres and has many very  old...and huge...trees, lots of lawns and with beautiful views out to the hills beyond.


 The wood shed, above and below. The computer is behaving badly, it won't let me add writing at the bottom of the blog to tell you more so will have to write here. The huge 'tank' is the original water tower. They had to pump water into this tank from below, I'm not sure whether thy had flowing springs or a stream  there. This was to get enough water pressure with which to water the garden.

And the chapel! Imagine getting married here, looking out the window above the altar as they do still to this day. Magnicfent views!
These large properties were set up as a little village, everything they needed would be there, stables, blacksmith shop, cottages for the workers and the large Georgian mansion that the owners built for them- selves. 
Have a great weekend and I will see you soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Socks, Spring and ...

At last I have finished a pair of socks to go to a young Dad who lost his only wee son  several months ago. I knitted a pair for his wife and sent them off, comfort socks I called them, soft and cosy to put on when she needed a bit of extra TLC. These ones are for the same reason, to wear in the evenings, curled up on the couch after a shower. The red stripes hopefully will make him smile and let them know we think of them and wish we could ease their pain.

The stained 'tubes' with the blue socks are a pair of heavy duty socks which my father-in-law wore at sea when he was in the NZ Merchant Navy around the second world war and after. They would have been knee high or higher and really were a work of art. They measure 31 inches and are cabled, far too interesting to be squirrelled away in a cupboard. How they would have kept a sailor warm on those cold, cold nights at sea.

Spring is everywhere I look and I love it all except for the weeds which are growing at the same rate as the flowers. The irises are in full bloom and so much else as well.

And just to leave you with a glimpse of a garden we saw on Sunday, a truly beautiful garden established a long time, [for Australia!] ago. I will do another post soon, I promise, and will show you more glimpses of it all.

Friday, October 12, 2012


A glimpse of my the moment! Blossom and the lilac. If only the blog could be scented as well. I adore the perfume from this old-fashioned shrub.
Have a lovely weekend, just the way you would like it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Recently I have been noticing all the amazing wisterias in our neighborhood and decided to do a tour. 

This one is at a local church, entwined on two very deceased trees and forming a perfect.
 arch into the manse behind the church

Our neighbour's house, taken with the panorama setting and yes it does have a bow in the roof!

                      This wisteria is way up high in a tree so one could think it is a purple cypress. It has also escaped onto a deserted old sandstone house, rambling itself wherever the wish takes it.

And this one has travelled along the old fence of our local railway station, into the trees and again everywhere it has wished to go over the years. 
There are only two things wrong for me today...the full colour hasn't come out for me and that my readers can't get the exquisite scent. 

A white one with which to finish, not such a strong scent but still delicious all the same.

 Last of all today, a very happy birthday to daughter Kate at Greedy for Colour.   
it only seems the other day since this photo was taken. Now she is wife, mother, artist, creator, friend but still my daughter.  I just wish we were all together for  her special day as she always makes her birth days so very special. So happy birthday Kate and lots of love from your Mum