Monday, October 29, 2012


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and we felt like exploring so set off, firstly to Murchison where we had heard there was an old flour mill just out of town so after a very dreary morning tea we found our way here. the gate was locked so we jut peered through the fence and did the best we could with glimpses through the trees of the actual mill. The little cottage was at the front ,locked, gate but at least we could see it!

This was the well...underground water storage, hidden under the verandah for safety. the water would have been gathered from the roof and then probably just a tap on it for use in the house. Do you see the baby gum tree growing in the water,,, not a good place for it to be so hope someone notices it and pulls it out before it damages the cottage any more than it is now.

The tree and the shed have seen better days too! And the plough!

One way and then the other from the front of the mill.

And some very large ants on the dry parched earth.
Next year the mill is to have an open day in February, I doubt if we will get there but it would be interesting.
The rest of our day will wait for my next blog ...we had a really interesting day. Hope you think so too!

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