Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I planned to do a post on our day in Rushworth but having sent daughter no 1 off to Melbourne after the weekend with some goodies from here I wanted to give you an idea of what is growing here. One of our pleasures is to share our  goodies, and this is what we did.

Getting there, tea made to drink in the car, forgotten boots and don't forget the flowers!

Cousins' feet...13 1/2 and a 22 month old.

A different view of the garden taken while saying good-bye, never our favourite thing to do although we do enjoy the quiet when we have our house back again!!
So...a bucket of roses, a bag of lettuce that the nearly 12 year old said that if you liked lettuce, you would find this lettuce delicious!!! I don't think he likes lettuce!! Oh and the rest, 3 dozen eggs and a boot full of wood, not actually full though, perhaps half full!
I am loving seeing all the spring flowers appearing on the blogs and then the autumn colours and cosy nights on the other side of the world. However not enjoying the terrible storm stories from America. I do hope things get back to some sort of normality before too long. And they are to have their elections on top of everything. I just pray that the right person gets in as they have so much effect on the rest of the world. No more wars, helping people instead of bombing. Fundamenalists everywhere having respect for others' beliefs.
And maybe world peace!

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