Saturday, November 17, 2012


My double delight rose has taken off this year and I am so enjoying it, looking and smelling. No wonder poets have extolled the virtues of roses for ever! 

I picked a bunch this morning and placed them on the mantelpiece, beautiful to glimpse as I walk past.

The big one brought down a ladder from the shed so I could take a photo of the birds on the nest as I think the babies must be about to fly. I couldn't manage to get  the lens directed into the 'hole' but did get some of the little pardalote again, better than last time.

And a finished cardigan for a special little boy whom I have'nt yet seen. The wool is a lovely soft limey green but it shows as a washed out version. It is slightly better in the shade of the persimmon tree but only just. The jacket was meant to have  knitted bands at the front and around the neck but I crocheted instead and then put a row of orange to jazz it up a bit, followed by my version of tricot.

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