Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This morning I gardened, weeding and put out mulch....until it rained. So...I went inside and had a shower. It stopped raining of course! But it did look very threatening so we went to town to shop. Bought a ham for Christmas and a turkey as Christmas is definitely coming. Oh, yes, and I bought the fruit to make a Christmas cake and pudding. And therein hangs my tale....
I'm very tired, the weather is hot and humid but I decide to make the cake.....

Have you ever seen such a mess for one Christmas cake?!!  Unbelievable!!
The newspaper parcel in the oven is the cake. A hint from Matt Preston of Master Chef fame here in Australia, actually from his mother as it is her recipe which he uses....as I did. I have always labourously cut out layers of paper to line the cake tin for a rich Christmas cake but Matt said to grease the tin with butter, put a layer of baking paper on the bottom of the tin and then have about six pieces of newspaper on the bench and snuggle the cake into it and tie the paper with string, making the cover about an inch or two above the level of the cake tin. So much  easier to do.
By the way, the shirt in the middle of the mess was  because I was toooo hot so I had to strip off a layer!

After a cup of much needed tea and a cleanup I went outside and saw this scene, the roses echoing each other and the late afternoon sun back-lighting them. Thank goodness for gardens and the peace they engender.


  1. I can almost smell the roses from here. xxooxx.

  2. Messy kitchens...a sign of good things to come, in your case a Christmas cake!
    Your garden looks wonderful, so pretty.
    Anne xx