Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes a girl needs flowers...

Sometimes a girl needs flowers and sometimes we need flowers ourselves. Two daughters needed them this week and so some were picked with love for them but daughter overseas missed out so here are some flowers for her.

And sometimes we need to pick them for ourselves.......

It doesn't matter where they come from, only if they come from the heart.
 The above photo is taken in my studio and here is the view from there, after lots of lovely rain....

And sometimes we are given pumpkins [and zuchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers too,] and of course these can warm the heart in other ways, tummies too!! Especially pumkin soup, a soul food!

A Bendigo Wool 100gm ball of orange, they just had to go together!
Have a good day, I'm off to do some house cleaning but this is sooo much more fun!!
love Aubrey

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Mushrooms -------Toadstools too.

There were more mushrooms this morning, most of them soggy from the rain two nights ago but I have cooked them up with a couple of fresh pinky brown. They smell delicious so can't wait to eat them. when we find mushrooms there is always a slight bit of anxiety. Are they mushrooms really, do they smell like mushrooms and only then do we eat them. Here the smell and their appearance seems to be the sign.
I also found the beautiful toadstools growing on the fallen limb of an old pine tree. I love the depth of colour, especially against the dark of the bark.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


More mushroooms on my walk yesterday,I actually think they are probably toadstools. They would have been the size of a dinnerplate all together and the surrounding grasswas stained with the orange 'dust'. I wouldn't eat them in a fit but the colour was such a rich orange. The dogs were not as impressed as I was!
Love Aubrey

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Somehow or other I lost a photo of the Autumn blossom so here it is!! Next time hopefully it won't take me all morning!! Love Aubrey


Officially it is Autumn here in Australia but there seems to be a tad of confusion here at Winterfold. My lovely old prunus has decided to flower, better than I have ever seen it! Another old plum tree also showed a few flowers. Usually at this time of the year, everything in the garden is parched and strung out, a little like me after the long hot summers. However this year we have had small regular falls through the summer and recently had some quite heavy falls. Which means green, green and more green! We even have a lawn that looks like a lawn, amazing!! Oh, and roses!!

Mushrooms are here again, lots of warm days and the moist soil, a great combiation for them!Going out on a sunny day with a basket and returning with it full of field mushrooms collected from one's own paddocks is one of the treats of living in the country! We have had several meals as they are huge, and just sooo delicious! Pasta with musrooms, cream, pine nuts and onion is our favourite so far.

I'm also back to walking and gardening. The two dogs are happy too. Our older ex guide[ seeing-eye] labrador is happy just ambling along with me but the young golden retriever,[shhhhhhhhh, a reject guide dog, we don't like to mention the 'r' word near him,] is not very good at coming back to me when he finds delicious smells along the way. But the joy on his face when he returns to me is wonderful! Bear, the retriever was a bit too anxious to work so ha has come to a quiet[?] life here with us. He adores the children who come and is always right in the middle of their game
This is my first post, after several attempts! I have a lot to learn with the placement of the photos but am very pleased to have made a start. Now I must walk the dogs, and get into the garden, the weeds are multiplying and I must begin the cutting back, but not the roses, they will wait for a late prune. Love Aubrey ----or Mum!