Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I'm sitting watching the last colours of a beautiful day fading into evening. There are gum trees surrounding the garden here and at this time of the night they are lit up by the last rays of the sun, the trunks and limbs glowing with golden warmth. Then as that fades the hill that sits at the back of our little town is hit by the golden light too. And then comes the gloaming, that lovely word...when it is neither day or night. 
I'm starting to see a little progress with my creativity, not much but some! I've finished a sketchy painting, a watercolour of quinces that I began ages ago. It has sat there on my bench, with lots of fifteen minutes of glazing going on to get the depth of colour I wanted. It is a good feeling when you think, that is enough.

The beginning...

and the finished!

A birthday card or two for my June birthday friends. Just one for you...

And a beanie for a wee little girl, actually one of three....

I have also been working on my afghan rug, it is a long standing project but at last it is nearly long enough, maybe a photo next post! If only I had used a bigger hook! If I had worked it more loosely I think it would have been better...
Hope to be back sooner! 

Friday, June 6, 2014


One of the things I enjoy in the blogging world is the fact that while I'm enjoying Autumn here, I can also enjoy the lovely Spring posts from the other side of the world. And when we are faced with yet another hot summer I get so much pleasure from seeing the snow and the cosy fires at the same time! Somehow these winter posts encourage me in believing that yes, Autumn will come and Winter won't be far behind. I do understand of course that the snow I see on your beautiful posts is not so attractive and enjoyable when your lives are severely impacted by the snow. 

It seems rather incongruous then to be posting these two current photos, the Autumn leaves and what could be seen as a Spring posy, roses and jonquils together. Of course the roses are the last of the season and the jonquils the early harbinger of Spring. Winter has barely begun, we have only had one frost, a light one at that, and today is one of those bright sunny days with a wind from the Arctic I'm sure. We have had lovely rain, some saying the best Autumn rains for thirty years and we are relishing every drop. 

A quick scribble sketch of a tree dahlia from a photo I took in our Winterfold, the farm, garden. I've painted it before I know but I'm enjoying the task of painting and sketching loosely. It is good for me to let go somewhat, not quite with gay abandon but maybe that will come with practice!