Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes a girl needs flowers...

Sometimes a girl needs flowers and sometimes we need flowers ourselves. Two daughters needed them this week and so some were picked with love for them but daughter overseas missed out so here are some flowers for her.

And sometimes we need to pick them for ourselves.......

It doesn't matter where they come from, only if they come from the heart.
 The above photo is taken in my studio and here is the view from there, after lots of lovely rain....

And sometimes we are given pumpkins [and zuchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers too,] and of course these can warm the heart in other ways, tummies too!! Especially pumkin soup, a soul food!

A Bendigo Wool 100gm ball of orange, they just had to go together!
Have a good day, I'm off to do some house cleaning but this is sooo much more fun!!
love Aubrey


  1. Mum, what a beautiful post - the flowers, the light and I loved having a little peek into your studio. Hugo and I have just woken after a little nap into the most beautiful afternoon. We are going to pick up Arch from the bus stop soon and then go collecting feijoas with David and Sofia. I think Jonno might even pop along too. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  2. Those colours are divine!! I hope the overseas daughter was suitably impressed ;-)

  3. Oh I love that pumpkin coloured wool from Bendigo!
    I ordered the pumpkin, java, coffee and's the waiting for it to arrive that kills me!