Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space lately seems to be my old armchair and the table beside me with an old copper preserving pan beside me filled with all the things I could possibly need for my knitting or crocheting. Balls of wool, pattern books, hooks, knitting needles, measuring tape, circular knitting needles, my little plastic box with my 'nipper' scissors, large sewing needles and of course a few pins.

Vanessa from 'do you mind if I knit' has inspired me to knit something for myself, the first time for years and years. Vanessa has been knitting a DRESS!!!! In 4PLY!!!!!!  All we have seen of it is beautiful and I can't believe she has the patience to be knitting on that sort of scale! After seeing her effort I decided to make myself a vest, only a back, 2 fronts and a ribbing that goes all the way around the vest in 8 ply so nothing near as challenging but it is big!!!! I have only knitted jumpers for children, for my own and now for my grandchildren, quite different! So you can imagine how thrilled I am to be on the home strait! A completed the back and one side for the front. The pattern is actually for a cardigan but I'm not doing the sleeves, just putting the ribbing around the armholes so hope it works.

 This is where I am in the evenings and sometimes during the day. As soon as it is dark, the fire is going and dinner is sort of organized I curl up in my spot and KNIT, or CROCHET, my time and I love it. 
This is my favourite time in the day... our summers are so hot and although the evenings are mainly pleasant, I love to be able to pull the curtains, have a lovely warm fire going [thanks to my everloving wood gatherer] and there I am, all cosy and snug and crafting! Delicious!

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  1. Hi Mum, I just posted on here so I must have lost it somehow - I linked you up to the kootoyoo site where the creative space goes on and you can click to it at the bottom of my latest post. I wish I could have a patch of your verandah for my creative space too. Love the vest, Love Kate xxooxx.