Thursday, May 27, 2010


My creative space today is in many places, wherever it takes me. In the garden the manchurian pears are dropping their last few leaves now that Autumn is almost officially over. In the midst of the falling leaves creation is taking place, the new budsd  are unfurling their silvery velvety buds. I love to see the new life emerging from the old as we see everywhere in the garden.
I found and old woollen skirt in an op shop recently perfect for the backing for the granny square cushion I am making for a friend. There may even be enough for a second one. Op shops are such a treasure trove, you never know what is going to jump out at you and say 'I must go home with you!'

I chose the colours for my friend , thinking of the colours she likes, but ended up putting some of my brighter colours with hers. I guess that is what friendship is like, intertwining the different threads of long association. Something like a patchwork of feelings. I used the extra cream and the green to surround each square as a frame, the things that always stay the same with friends, no matter how often we see each other , or just share the latest family news in a quick phone call. This friend always makes me laugh and see the funny side of things even in the midst of 'trials and tribulations'. She is a precious friend and the ties are very strong, how lucky I am to enjoy my friend.

My sleeveless vest is at last finished, I'm not happy with the wool I used as it has rubbed just with the knitting  and stretched as well, a lesson for me I guess to be more careful in choosing the wool from on line. I need to know more about the choice I make.


I love the antique button I found in one of my treaure boxes, I have two more so am wondering what to do , I might place them for a permanent brooch but I will think upon that!


  1. Gorgeous Mum but what a shame about the wool I had such high hopes for it. Can't wait to see a photo of it on! Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  2. Lovely Granny Squares! I totally agree about op shop treasures!

  3. Gorgeous granny squares and how lovely to describe your friendship that way.

  4. gorgeous grannies!!