Friday, May 14, 2010

Fairy Rings and Satisfaction in the shape of a wheelbarrow!

The magic of a fairy ring was my amazing sight on my walk this morning. I haven't seen one since I was a small child, before the days of superphosphate fertilizer. We don't put super onto our paddocks, much preferring to put fewer cattle onto our farm and then let nature bring back the native grasses, which, after 10 years here, is happening. The photos don't really show the ring as well as in real life so just use some imagination to fill in the circle.
 I finished weeding a large circular garden bed this afternoon and thought my wheelbarrow was absolute satisfaction to the highest degree! I have struggled with this bed as half of it is shaded from the hot sun in summer and the other half is in full heat, hence the weeds have been allowed to grow. At last I have decided to use a greyish succulent which has pretty drooping pink flowers growing from a rosette, also sedums and the bulbs already there. Strangely bulbs do well here as during the heat they are safely asleep under the soil and only peep their green points out when the weather is cooler, much the same as I do!
All in all a satisfying day!

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  1. That's incredible Mum - I don't think I have ever seen a proper fairy ring - What a great day's work with the wheel barrow - you must have felt good when you finished. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.