Monday, May 31, 2010

Autumn weekends and puddles

I have had some problems with my blog but it turns out to be the blogger who is at fault and eventually today I worked out what I had done. Gobbledy-gook instead of photos is a bit scary!  Sometimes I could do with a live-in computer coach instead of just being on the phone, which is very good I might add for those who try to help me!!

We"ve had some rain, I love the reflections,[a sugar gum tree] makes me want to splash through it...but then I would spoil my picture so maybe not!

Diamonds on the lilly, what could be more precious!

The snowball tree in full glory, how I love these colours in the garden. How could something so beautiful be called 'opulus sterile'...a vibernum.

The last buds on my Angel Face rose, given to me years ago by my brother before he died from a melanoma. It has a lovely sweet spicey cinnamony scent, delicious to have even one in a vase as the scent stays with it for days. A lovely reminder. 

The nerines are the first bulbs to appear followed by the jonquils, our first one flowering this morning.
And then there is the promise of things to come.....

the baby sedums nestled into their 'nest' ready to begin their journey.
The little pansies on the way lovingly planted by grandchildren and me. I can't wait to see their faces in the sun!

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  1. The garden looks so green and healthy. It is so lovely to see the photos, almost like having a walk with you!! Love Kate xxooxxooxx.