Monday, May 24, 2010

Moments to enjoy!

A welcome sight, 24 little beauties from a neighbour this afternoon. He came here about a fortnight ago, very down in the dumps...understandably.... saying all his chooks had been killed in their run. He knew them all by name and had had them for probably longer than he should. I think their days of laying many eggs had finished some time ago but he still managed to bring a few extras down the hill to us. We thought he would tell us a fox had been the murderer but instead it was an evil ferral cat. The cat had climbed up the chicken wire from the outside of the pen, clinging it's claws through the chicken wire to a tree which had grown up inside the run. Pretty amazing. However the good news for our neighbour and for us is that he has bought 4 more chooks, Isa Browns, on the point of lay, as they say, and they began to lay straight away, 4 eggs a day! [Almost a poet!] The eggs are tiny but fresh as a daisy and will be delicious!

Lately I have realized I only really enjoy my cup of tea when it is hot and mostly I find the last inch or two is usually luke warm by the time I finish. So I went to the cupboard and found this lovely fine china cup which belonged to my mother-in-law. I realy love it and the tea I am sure tastes so much better!! And it is all hot!

      My cup of tea with my knitting is waiting for me in my crafty corner, a beanie for a new little girl, my god-daughter's new baby, Emily Louise.


Truth be told I would far rather be there instead of cleaning my house. I am tryng, really trying hard to clean my house but I keep getting side tracked, anything to put off the real effort the cleaning takes to do. We are having a dull day, intermittent showers and it is cold. There is a lovely fire going which I am sure I need to supervise. Maybe I had better do that, at least I will feel I am doing something and at the same time perhaps I could do a little bit of knitting...maybe! Anyway that cup of tea needs to be drunk! While it is hot!

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  1. Mum, everything is so beautiful from your eggs to your cup and saucer (why haven't I seen it before?) to the beanie. What a gorgeous shade of pink!!! And on double pointed needles too! Lots and lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.