Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Recently I have been noticing all the amazing wisterias in our neighborhood and decided to do a tour. 

This one is at a local church, entwined on two very deceased trees and forming a perfect.
 arch into the manse behind the church

Our neighbour's house, taken with the panorama setting and yes it does have a bow in the roof!

                      This wisteria is way up high in a tree so one could think it is a purple cypress. It has also escaped onto a deserted old sandstone house, rambling itself wherever the wish takes it.

And this one has travelled along the old fence of our local railway station, into the trees and again everywhere it has wished to go over the years. 
There are only two things wrong for me today...the full colour hasn't come out for me and that my readers can't get the exquisite scent. 

A white one with which to finish, not such a strong scent but still delicious all the same.

 Last of all today, a very happy birthday to daughter Kate at Greedy for Colour.   
it only seems the other day since this photo was taken. Now she is wife, mother, artist, creator, friend but still my daughter.  I just wish we were all together for  her special day as she always makes her birth days so very special. So happy birthday Kate and lots of love from your Mum

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  1. Aww thanks Mum - had a wonderful day and very tuckered out - will talk to you tomorrow. Love me xxooxx.