Monday, October 1, 2012


No posts for a little while and I just wanted to do one with some photos. you may have seen one or two of these, I just need to have a wander with the camera.
I never prune my roses until mid August because of our very late occasional frosts. The one in the photo is from two weeks ago but we have had two in the last few days, not as  severe as the one above. Luckily they haven't 'bitten' the roses this time. 
The gum tree 'hole' is actually a hole where the branches have rubbed together and joined...the magic of nature.
And the blossom, what can I add to the picture, beautiful spring blossom. When I looked down to the creek yesterday there is another blaze of white as the wild pear trees have emerged in all their glory. The quince trees also have blossomed, I adore their delicate flowers, just exquisite. Imagine a bridal bouquet with the soft green leaves and those flowers. It probably wouldn't work as the flowers are so delicate and would drop at the slightest bump.
My monthly local morning tea group is in for a treat this morning as Flute playing grandson has agreed to come and play for us. When I asked a friend what she thought of the idea, she said,'We are all grandmothers and we all love music, what is there not to like!' 
Have a lovely week, see you soon.

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