Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hard boiled eggs on Monday produced this bubble on the side from a cracked piece of shell. I had ideas of doing something similar but was beaten to the 'post' by daughter number 1. He does have potential do you agree! He has caused plenty of amusement here! 
The school holidays are here again, lovely to have our Melbourne family again although tomorrow they are off to cousins further north for a couple of days. We are back to the morning i-pad scrabble games in bed with cups of tea and then one of us getting the porridge. Very lazy way to start the day but good for the grey matter!! This morning has been extra slow as there wasn't anything that HAD to be done. The flute playing grandson decided to come to do his practice in the bedroom with us and after a few minutes the 13 1/2 yr old flopped onto the bed between his mother and me, wanting to play as well. Of course we accommodated him but a few groans later he didn't want to play. He went very quiet after a few moments, relaxed and while listening to the beautiful flute practice he was asleep. AND STILL IS!  FOUR HOURS LATER!!  We keep checking him and his younger brother has been desperate to wake him, not for company but to be a pest. We can't believe it! The worst thing for me is the landline is under the bed clothes switched off and I can't use the phone!
The big one has gone to Melbourne on the train to the dentist and we are left here, very sad!! Aldi's beer batter fish and their chips are for the boys for dinner and we will have steak and salad, what could be easier. Our little local fish and chip shop isn't very good so I was delighted to find Aldi's fish good, certainly good to have in the freezer for an odd night of no cooking...not much anyway. Not that healthy I know!!

I have been using the pinhole feature on my camera, just experimenting. It's nap time....on this busy busy day so off to bed I go!

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  1. He, he, I love what was done to that boiled egg. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.
    Anne xx