Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Socks, Spring and ...

At last I have finished a pair of socks to go to a young Dad who lost his only wee son  several months ago. I knitted a pair for his wife and sent them off, comfort socks I called them, soft and cosy to put on when she needed a bit of extra TLC. These ones are for the same reason, to wear in the evenings, curled up on the couch after a shower. The red stripes hopefully will make him smile and let them know we think of them and wish we could ease their pain.

The stained 'tubes' with the blue socks are a pair of heavy duty socks which my father-in-law wore at sea when he was in the NZ Merchant Navy around the second world war and after. They would have been knee high or higher and really were a work of art. They measure 31 inches and are cabled, far too interesting to be squirrelled away in a cupboard. How they would have kept a sailor warm on those cold, cold nights at sea.

Spring is everywhere I look and I love it all except for the weeds which are growing at the same rate as the flowers. The irises are in full bloom and so much else as well.

And just to leave you with a glimpse of a garden we saw on Sunday, a truly beautiful garden established a long time, [for Australia!] ago. I will do another post soon, I promise, and will show you more glimpses of it all.


  1. They look beautiful Mum - Can't wait to take Grandpa's socks home next time I come over...

  2. What a lovely idea to knit someone a pair of comfort socks. Your garden is looking gorgeous.
    Anne xx