Wednesday, October 21, 2015



     If you are reading this post you are amongst the top percentage of people in the world. You can read. You've had someone to teach you to read. You've most likely been to school and had at least a modicum of education. You have a computer therefore some financial income.  You have freedom to read subjects of your choice.

And yet we are so often dissatisfied either about who we perceive ourselves to be and/or where we perceive ourselves to be.

How would you describe yourself? Short, fat, lumpy, tall,  skinny, clumsy, maybe hopeless or uninteresting might spring to mind. When asked this question why do all these negative statements come to mind first? Why don't we say we are great at loving, or, we've a lovely smile, or perhaps we are kind and compassionate?

None of those negative statements about yourself are actually true. You yourself are interesting. Maybe your body is short or overweight or skinny or lanky but this is not who you are. Your body is just that...your body. Your body is just the 'suit of clothes' you 'wear' for this lifetime. Your body is incidental to who you are.

Are you able to walk, talk, eat, love and care for yourself? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then you are more than OK. There are millions in this world who are unable to speak, to tell others of their needs. There are millions who are blind, who cannot see anything at all, people whose lives are severely limited by their lack of sight, challenges I can only imagine. Their are millions too who are paralysed in some way or another, people who again can't look after their own needs.

And we are privileged when we....

Breathe air that is fresh.

You have the availability to eat good food.

You have the capacity to speak, to talk to those you love, to voice your thoughts and needs and communicate with others.

You are able to see.

You are able to love....yourself and others.

You can walk even if perhaps you don't feel comfortable running!

You have a brain you can use for positivity in your life.

You have talents unique to yourself, we all do.

And much as you might doubt it you are a creative being, you are creative in your own particular way, perfect for you!


  1. Beautiful mum - I love rambling with you in your new direction! Although really, this has always been your direction. I love you!!!! Love me. xxxxx

    1. Thankyou for all your love and support always! Xxxxx

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  3. Yes! We need to be thankful and to enjoy all that we have (not material things, if you have good health and someone to love and who loves you, then you are truly blessed)
    Carol xx(Dansnan)