Sunday, February 21, 2016


Once again I've been very quiet on my blog and I needed a push or two, or three to get going. I can't promise I'll be more regular but I'll try! We've had a few issues to deal with that have been difficult, they haven't actually gone away but we've come to some sort of acceptance. And I guess that is what it is all about. Acceptance of where we are in the world and learning to live with that. Not always easy but it does get easier over time.
And my new friend, or the development of my new friend has helped me more than I can say. Tomorrow she is winging her way off to her new owner who I think needs her more than I do! And I know she, my little friend, will have a very loving home!!


She has her cup of coffee with of course a professional swirl on it, her crocheted hat and scarf and red boots to off set her outfit
I cobbled together a version of Jenny Joseph"s poem, When I'm Old  to accompany my little friend to her new home, to my very dear and longtime friend....

Now that we're old women we wear purple with red hats that don't go
And slippers to the shops and comfy shoes.
We sit on the pavement when we're tired
And gobble up samples in shops, press alarm bell for no reason!
And  run our walking sticks along fences,
Making bottom noises in the street!
We run outside when it is raining in our nighties and bare feet
And pick flowers from other peoples' gardens
And whistle in the street.
We wear terrible shirts and grow fat,
Eat smoked salmon and pizzas
Every night for a week.
And we hoard pens and pencils,
Rubber bands and boxes and pieces of string too short to be of any further use!
We sit and laugh at our memories,
Grownup children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
We know how to love, family and friends, even ourselves.
And we know what really matters in life,
That the wearing of purple with red hats
Is more important than we ever knew when we were young!

I really don't do much of the above but I'm hoping one day that I might! 


The "table' her cup is on is actually her stool! I've been saving, very slowly I might add, the little plastic containers from places like McDonalds. They are perfect for stools and I'm thinking I might make them into chairs with a back. I'll see! I've used armature wire as the base for the woman, then plaster of Paris bandages, smoothed over with 'No More Cracks' a plaster filler which is wonderful. Otherwise it is hard to paint as evenly as I would like!
Happy days, happy painting, happy crafting and happy 'doing'pf what ever does really make you happy! Till next time, xxx

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