Monday, August 24, 2015


We have been here for about 6 months now and it has been a joy watching the seasons unfold, watching to see which flowers appears next. A very bare magnolia began to bud, no inkling of its colour. I cut a promising bud and brought it inside, hoping the warmth would bring the flower on early...which it did! 
                             And now today the flowers are opening up at the rate of knots!


The hellebores here are so happy, lots of different colours with thousands of babies popping up underneath the foliage, I didn't know that this occurred so I'm delighted at having lots to replant and give away.






Yesterday we went to see StoneFruit's new garden and came home with a wee bunch of violets and some beautiful camellias so now have lovely glimpses of her garden with me. The violets are beautiful, delicious whiffs of scent when ever I pass by! I'm really looking forward to more 'garden reveal' from her new home. 




  1. It must be so lovely discovering all of the new winter flowering plants in the garden. I can't wait to see your garden in person. Love you, love me. xx

  2. lovely blooms, sign of spring is so welcoming after such a cold winter

  3. It does seem to have been a very cold winter so yes Spring is welcome...I wish it could stay in Spring though as I'm not a fan of the heat! So Autumn is lovely, Winter is mostly all right, Spring is wonderful....and Summer...! Thankyou Lorraine for visiting, I do always read your lovely posts but haven't been very active with comments so I do appreciate yours!
    And greedyforcolour Kate I can't wait for you to be here and see it all, really lots to reorganise but lots of bones to work with. I'm loving the Spring flowers, still waiting for some bulbs to flower, hoping for daffodils, none so far!
    Love tou both, Aubrey/Mum

  4. That deep dusky pink magnolia is stunning! What a treat to see it coming into flower! X

  5. You always have the most beautiful flowers! I haven't seen violets in years. It's funny how you can forget about how love a flower is until you see it again. Glad you had a wonderful time at Kate's. That girl is so creative! Thanks for the blog comment also.