Monday, March 11, 2013


A slight disaster has just occurred! I feel like shedding tears and if it weren't for the big one I well might have! A mere slip of the finger and wham..... All my lists of beautiful bloggers has gone! And has to be replaced before I forget who they all are! 
Calamitous or what!
BUT no-one is sick, injured, died , just a few...lots of names, many of whom I just added last night!
The sun will come up tomorrow, and more importantly to me at the moment is that the sun will go down tonight! Then it will be cooler. Bliss!
Please be patient with me as I retrace my footsteps!
And thank God for a sense of humour!

Can you believe it...just tapped 'remove' by mistake and all the ones I had added went for the second time!
And the favourites are meant to be underneath the profile and just won't go there today.
I will return another day!!

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