Saturday, March 23, 2013


We have a grandson who turned 14 yesterday, as well as one who turned 17 last week in Perth. Well, we have come to Melbourne again today to celebrate the 14 year old's day. A cake was called for so out came the chocolate cake recipe that I have used for years, the 2,4,6,8 cake. You can see it has been around for a while, before decimal currency which began in Australia in 1966.
The cake..
2 eggs
4 oz butter
6 oz sugar
8oz SR flour minus about 2 level tbsp
About two large tbsp cocoa
About 1/2 cup milk...just enough to make the mixture pourable.
I whizz butter and sugar, then add eggs and give it a good whizz. Then add flour, cocoa and milk and whizz again until well mixed.
Moderate oven, 180 deg. Cook for 35- 40 mins.
Birthday cakes have been traditionally in our family chocolate covered with lots of chocolate icing and smothered with Smarties. Last night I didn't have the Smarties so put about 1 1/2 cups of chocolate buttons into the mixture after I had put the mixture in the tin. This morning I iced and then scooped out a C with a knife....for Charlie... And then poured hundreds and thousands into the sculptured C from a jug! It worked so well. The hundreds and thousands stayed where they were meant to and looked quite cool! The secret stash of chocolate buttons was a success as well....

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  1. That cake looks delicious. Bet there's none left.
    Anne xx