Monday, March 11, 2013


I have been adding some wonderful blogs to my sidebar, to add to the wonderful blogs already there! Since being inspired by Jacquie at I have been doing some sort of drawing or painting several days a week, often only an odd half an hour or sometimes more. Maggie at is really interesting and very generous with all her knowledge, she was a real discovery.

This was attempting to use her 'pour-on' wash method and then to play with Indian Ink, dropping it into the washes. the shapes appeared and then I added o them with a few lines. The horse is an imitation of the old rock paintings from centuries ago.
The squiggley drawing next to the butterfly comes from attempting the zentangling method, and are worth looking at. I discovered these fun sites yesterday and will definitely play with it again. I watched a video which explained the method, drawing a squiggle with pencil and then repeating a particular pattern. I like doing things to 'loosen' me up, I need to become a loose woman when I am painting!
From this I went on to work on an acrylic painting I had begun a good twelve months or so ago.

I have decided it is quite good to take photos of anything you are doing as the photo highlights areas that are out of with the sky, this was the beginning from ages ago, the rest from yesterday. To me, I must have been in a lighter mood yesterday...or should I say I was in a heavier mood last time!


I wish I could say this was my work but it was given to me by Lou, a very old friend. This was from a photo she took on a trip to India, a group of women in their bright saris. She loves shapes and this is what she saw here. It is a hand coloured print. The photo sadly isn't the best but it does give  you the idea. a special friend indeed!
It is a holiday here in Victoria, Labour Day weekend. We had planned a trip to 'town' but remembered in time! I must do a couple of loads of washing and then I am going to play again....sorry, I mean paint!
See you soon I hope!


  1. More Mum!!! I feel I am being very greedy but it is such a delight to see!

  2. These are beautiful! I'm so glad you're working on pieces for our new house! I'm so lucky!!!!!