Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yesterday the big one had to visit the dentist unexpectedly as a tooth needed to come out. I went as well,just in case he didn't feel like driving home. His appointment was late,in the day, Friday afternoon. Not the best time to be in the city. I could think of a millions of things I could be doing but we are a team so off we you do...! I took my iPad with me, why O don't know as I don't get connection in the car. I could always play scrabble couldn't I? Then I remembered the camera...

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  1. Some parts of Melbourne are so ugly, those yellow cheese sticks (as we call them in this house) on the Tulla freeway for example. I much prefer the older buildings like the ones in the right hand side of your last photo. Hope the patient is o.k.
    Anne xx