Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have been sadly lacking in inspiration to paint, draw, create in some way until I saw Jacquie's blog...Bunny Mummy.
Jacquie had drawn a fun picture of a Spring Fair, being heartily tired of winter.

Well, I am heartily sick of Summer and as we have two red leaves on our persimmon tree I decided to do one of Autumn, loosely using the Spring drawing as a stepping stone.

I used these lovely watercolour pencils that belonged to my mother. She died many years ago and I have always treasured them, 'saved' them for special occasions. Silly me! The pencils are lovely to use and mix and no mess to clean up!

As you can see I have used pen first, then coloured in with the pencils. and REALLY enjoyed a big thankyou to Jacquie!!! Daughter no 2 has a new house with a red front door and I am rather taken with it so here it is.The tree at the front of the house is our persimmon tree...a version anyway.
I haven't set the world on fire but it is a beginning for me
We also had a dear friend and her family staying for the weekend and she also inspired me as she often picked up her visual diary and headed outside so I have to thank her. Louise often travels,  both in Australia and overseas and has kept visual diaries for years. Lots of writing and sketching. She has a wonderful small paint set with a tiny bottle of water and off she goes. I am sure she doesn't even think of it but what an amazing collection tp be passed on to her next generation.
A sideways picture of the persimmon tree a couple of years ago! I  couldn't work out once it was up here how to change it so here you are! It is a beautiful tree whatever the season, survives well without a lot of water and has delicious fruit...what more could you want!
We have had some rain, beloved drops of water so everything is looking clean and fresh. It won't do much for the pastures unless we get some follow up rain but oh my garden is happy...and the lawn...and the trees! And me! I feel so refreshed and it was lovely lying in bed listening to the rain on our tin roof, drifting off to sleep and waking up to hear the rain still raining...bliss!
And talking about the persimmon tree, we have noticed some kangaroo poo on the green patches of lawn, they have been coming in to enjoy something green. When we took the dogs outside a few nights ago we surprised a kangaroo just outside on the lawn, only a few feet away from my husband working in his study. How cheeky was that! 
Have a good day, hopefully see you soon!


  1. Mum, your painting is just beautiful! More, more, more! Well done!!!

  2. I love it Mum - Dominique does most of her watercolours with watercolour pencils! Lots of love, Me xxooxx.

  3. Wow, your sketch is fabulous. I'm following Jacquie's adventures into the world of sketching. I love the way she is developing her own style. Now that you have the sketch book and pencils out, I must just have to join you both and have a bash too. Looking forward to your next sketch.
    Anne xx

  4. Hi Mrs A ,
    I love your picture and I'm thrilled to have inspired it !
    Such a sweet picture and great that your special memory pencils are being enjoyed :0)
    Jacquie x