Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We went for a drive two weeks ago as the big one wanted to show me a farm entrance... what an entrance!!

Look at the size of the log  over the top! a whole tree trunk, suspended at least three metres over the road.

and then were the cattle, I think the horns sort of matched up the log!
Our front gate will never look like this!
This morning I was very interested to see on little woollie's site, that she is opening an on-line shop for my favourite wool. the colours are lovely and so I wish her good luck.
I have been very slack at showing my crafting. Truth is I haven't been doing much but have dragged out the afghan rug I started a long time ago so that I could be doing something for myself. I could be knitting little things as we have two babies coming into the family soon. one in about a month and the other not until Octoberish. I think I will wait until they come but maybe not?!

These are just a few colours and maybe not quite the right shade using my camera.
There are two yellows which I really love, this one and a lovely warm more golden yellow. Do visit her, I am sure she will be very happy to show you!
And now a photo of one of our cows that are staying with us.

Can you see what she is doing? She has squeezed her head through the wires of the fence into the garden and she has been eating the agapanthus leaves back to the base!! You can see a few straggly leaves on thre right of the photo! We have been here for twelve and a half years and this has never happened before, even through the ten years of drought! She must be starving for some green, any green will do! I actually understand, I am craving some green too! We actually have plenty of feed as we never overstock so it is just the green she wants. 
I am fifth generation Australian but think I must be a throwback to my English and Scottish ancestors as the heat and lack of green really get to me! I shouldn't complain....I have very little to complain about and heaps and heaps of blessings! And Autumn will be coming soon....there are two leaves on my persimmon tree that have coloured up!
AND  a quick thankyou for the comments you leave. I love to read them and do feel encouraged when I read them, AND I am trying to do the same on other blogs.

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  1. I can imagine Pa being very chuffed with the big entrance.
    the blanket is coming along beautifully Mum!
    Love me xxooxx.