Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A post today without a photo, no camera when you need one!I went for a walk this morning up to the dam, dogs at my side for once and was so thrilled to see about 20-30 parrots, probably green grass parrots all enjoying the water. They were on the edge, little legs covered and were splashing and preening themselves, watched at a distance by a mother duck and her two babies. Some would fly away and I would think, they have gone, but no. A circle of the dam and they were back in, I am sure cavorting with glee. It really made my day. So often when I walk past the dam, our golden retrievers has rushed up before me and any birds have taken off. I haven't ever seen parrots doing this before so it really was a treat.
Years ago the big one was on the quad bike in the far paddock when he saw a wedge tailed eagle having a swim in a shallow dam. The big one sat quietly on the bike watching for some twenty minutes or so. The eagle would fly in, splashing his wings as he half flew, half swam through the water, then take off, fly around and come back in. We have never had another opportunity like this and wonder whether eagles often swim like this. He was obviously having a wonderful time, just being in and enjoying the moment. 
I would be very interested if others have seen something similar.
I always look forward to comments and haven't always  been commented on others posts. It is much easier for me now with the iPad as I don't have to log out of one address and into my address and then remember to log back. Doesn't sound much but it just seems to be. So, my intention is to make more comments this year. There are so many amazing bloggers, so many stories being told, so many projects out there. So thankyou to all of you who share their lives in some way or another in this blogging world of ours.


  1. Sounds like a lovely walk. xxxxxx.

  2. Even though you didn't have your camera with you, I can picture how gorgeous those parrots must have been.
    Anne xx

  3. You will have to take the camera from now on!

  4. Do you know, I am so naughty when it comes to leaving comments myself. I didn't even leave a comment on any blog until about a year ago despite me enjoying reading blogs for several years! You've made me think and I too am going to comment more this year!
    Great blog...X