Thursday, February 7, 2013


On coming home from a day in Melbourne yesterday, listening to one of the dogs signalling his delight at us being home, the big one VERY dramatically said, WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN HERE!! I looked vaguely around, not seeing anything until a flash of brown in the wrong place caught my eye! Four of the beasts!!!

They were having a lovely time, chewing voraciously on the green grass under and around my beautiful persimmon tree. Not contented chewing at all, in fact if they were children I would say they were stuffing every bit of food into their mouths as they could!
Obviously I grabbed the camera before I did anything, just dumped my first load from the car on the table before rushing outside to snap the she-devils!
Then the big one found the bull was out too, looking very silly to be away from his girl-friends. then another three cows were found in another paddock again. Not the sort of thing to happen when you have been away from the farm for the day! And these fences that let us down are actually quite good so we are still not certain how they escaped. Before too long everything was sorted.
It did remind me of Greedy for Colour some years ago when she rang, 'Muuum, the cows are in the garden and they have trampled over everything!' I was duly sympathetic but added that she had joined the long line of farmers' wives who had had to deal with that problem. Not that that made her any happier!!
I was very thankful that these cows were desperate just for that patch of green grass, they needed some extra nutrition. Only one tiny branch was broken off so we were very lucky.
This morning I had another couple of visitors, looking for is due to be 38 degrees today and is very hot already.

Have a good day and see you soon!

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