Monday, January 14, 2013


I notice the last blog I wrote, so long ago I can hardly remember when, I wrote about a visitor in our tree at the back door. Today it is a visitor who I found peeping at me as I hopped into the shower....

My little friend was right at the top where the shower head is attached!

Precious hands.

Joined at the head. These two mostly lie close to one another, not quite 'joined at the hip'.

Precious moments too, quiet times in the middle of the hurly burly of Christmas with the cousins, aunts, uncles and of course the grandparents. Boys and dogs. Sometimes I too felt like lying down for some Bear comfort...the dog is called Bear, not the boy!
Christmas was lovely with a coming together of the clan, 14 staying here, 5 in tents.One bathroom, 2 loos. Nineteen for all the special meals. We managed very well and I was so grateful for all the cooks and cleaners up in the family. They came from Perth, NZ, Sydney, Melbourne and our local town. I envied the locals as I felt they could escape to relative calm but they felt they rather missed out on the spur of the moment things such as the escapades on the dam....

Jonno was the life guard, supervisor, the rope adjuster and overall legend as he helped each boy have a turn. 

Even Pa had a turn at riding the bike into the dam but I did think maybe he would like to keep some of his dignity so I haven't shown you him on his dash down the bank! I didn't have my bathers on, otherwise I might have been filmed as well, just as well I would say!!
My joy was to see the cousins together, 8 boys and 1 girl. I am always amazed how the cousins have always a special bond even though they are rarely all together. Sadly they weren't all here but it was still a wonderful gathering.
Now the house is back to some sort of normality and we are enjoying the sound of silence but also look forward to the next gathering.

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  1. What a wonderful time we all had! Cute frog... Love me xxooxx.