Sunday, August 29, 2010


I had to go into our local town yesterday to get 'supplies', rang the big one to say I would have sushi as I was starving and then took ages to do the small supermarket shop. Called into see my friend next door then drove home, in the drive I 'seemed' to notice a boy run across the lawn . It didn't really register who it was until one of the Melbourne family dogs ran out to greet me. No 1 daughter and the boys decided to give us a surprise visit for the weekend. It was really lovely to see them up here and we made the most of it, starting with a walk. We had to be ferried across the little creek on the 4wheel motor bike, the big one the safest driver in the world. Then we were off, 4 dogs....2 Jack Russel visitors and our Bear, the young [and silly] golden retriever and Orak, the retired guide dog.....

and the soccer ball and the football.
I stayed on the bike with the big one and followed them up to the stand of spotted gums, planted by original owners for making fence posts.

We checked the level of some of our dams with some help from the dogs, Orak above and Bear below.....

It is such delight to see so much water in our dams after being almost empty for so long!

Our main big dam near the house is overflowing, just fantastic as it is some insurance for any fire fighting near the house and also valuable water for the trees in the garden. You might remember the dam

in earlier photos. Now the water is nearly up to the top. Miraculous!
Today we had a sausage picnic up in the rocks where we have a superb view, out over the plains. I made some orange muffins, a little tresat after the basic sausagre in bread and butter with tomato sauce! No photos as I couldn't find my camera....really annoying. the big one and No 3 grandson had gone up earlier to light a 'campfire', a really relaxing way to spend a few hours in the fresh air on Sunday!
I will be in Melbourne for the next couple of days so there may not be another post until Thursday but will try for Wednesday.
Have a wonderful, wacky, wicked week with no wobbles or even wibbles to hold you back. Love Aubrey


  1. Hi Aubrey, How wonderful to have a surprise visit from family. Your property looks absolutely beautiful and it is lovely to see water in the dams.
    My parents farm in a very westerly state is extremely dry this year. They've not had very much rain at all and crops are starting to suffer.
    Enjoy your time in Melbourne.

    Anne xx

  2. It looks so wonderful. What a lovely weekend. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  3. Happy surprises are so fun! Especially when it involves loved ones. Your home is in a lovely area. Thanks for the pictures! Enjoy your week.....

  4. What a great surprize. I'd love to be able to visit home for just a weekend on a surprize visit too. Somehow NZ is just a little too far from Ireland!