Monday, August 23, 2010

What shall I do today!

I am out of bed at a more normal time and the sun has come out... will it be ironing...or putting 'stuff' away in their rightful places....gardening. Mmmmmm! Yes that is the ticket as the big one says to me!!

The new vest just completed for No 6 grandson. looks really good on and will I think be very useful as the weather starts to warm up . I have worked on the ends of the wool when knitting more than two rows of stripes,e.g. 4 rows of each , so that you don't have all those ends to sew in and will do a tutorial later.

The first polyanthus [is that polyanthii or polyanthuseseseses for more than one flower or plant?] popping through. I have been watching it for ages and it has been so slow. Don't you hate it when you are waiting for something cheery and it is slow!
Have a Mighty Monday, mightily good!
Love Aubrey


  1. Hi Aubrey,

    Gardening wins hands down when the sunshine comes out. Your polyanthusssssss look lovely. I cheated and bought some potted colour ones cos' I couldn't wait for mine to flower. Enjoy your day.

    Anne xx

  2. I wouldn't mind getting some too. They are so cheerful. Lots of love, Me, xxooxxoo.

  3. The ironing can wait, when the sun is out there is nothing better than pottering about the garden.
    Thankyou for the link to Greedy for colour blog her blanket is beautiful. I have so many ideas whirring around in my head now for the little mans blanket all I need now is time.
    Jacey x