Monday, August 2, 2010

Winter Wattle

As I was coming home from Geelong these wattle trees jumped out at me! How wonderful to have this gorgeous soul warming colour to greet us in the middle of winter when there are grey skies and a somewhat gloomy outlook !  Saturday was beautiful, lovely blooming white clouds waltzing over the blue blue sky and glowing green paddocks, water lying around in the paddocks and in the verges.
I think the Universe was being kind to us as yesterday's weather was awful....if you were outside in it....which thankfully I wasn't!! I was doing my favourite thing on a cold Sunday, sitting by the fire, reading the Sunday papers, chatting in between times to our visiting family, watching the grandchildren playing AND knitting, and crocheting.

and one more for you all to enjoy....

By the way, I acually love Winter, I love winter gardens with their promise of Spring to come, the bare trees, the roses waiting to be pruned, the bulbs popping up and then the early flowering shrubs, even the weeds, 'growing l;ike weeds', don't upset me, I just wish they could be slower in growing so I can get to them before they take over everything else!


  1. What a wonderful yellow and such beautiful flowers Mum! Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  2. Aaah! That answered my question! I was going to ask if you are Kate's Mum and then saw Kate's comment above! You are! Thank you so much, Aubrey, for your kind words. I need all the encouragement I can get for sure. I've got to say...although Kate and I are many miles apart and have never met, I think she's an outstanding woman! You did a really good job there. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. I love wattle, it's so....well YELLOW! Does anyone participate Wattle Day? I think it might be fun to start this tradition in my family and I'm going to buy a badge to wear on the 1st of September.