Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleepovers for dogs

Aster and Flash belong to daughter No 1 and her two boys and the dogs love having sleepovers here on the farm!!

 And I mean sleepovers!!
 I went to make my bed and there Aster was, snuggled under the blankets, 'I didn't think you would find me' she whispered to me!!
Yesterday was the most wonderful day but spent most of it inside catching up with things in preparation for Kate's arrival. I pulled weeds late in the afternoon for an hour or so but the chill had come into the air and I had missed the best part of the day.
And today... today was to be my gardening day! The heavens had decided this wasn't to be...it is raining, beautiful as it is this wasn't my plan for today! Never mind, maybe some sit down and knit...or crochet.

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