Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Pink Wiggly Worm

When is a wiggly worm not a worm...when it is my scarf being crocheted in
I thought the scarf was a bit ordinary for the lovely wool Kate gave me so I decided to give the lovely Attic24 Lucy's ripple pattern a try and

I guessed the number of ch. sts. to do, using Lucy's formula of 14 plus 3, put 157 chains on and am now nearing the end of the 1st row so hope it works out and that my counting is correct!

I have a poor sad doll needing a new face belonging to one granddaughter.....

This is the weather today...and it is cold!
The big one has helped me with some cleaning up and I feel so much more in control so.....
I might sit down and do some beanie knitting firstly, then the scarf. I had planned to go down to out tiny local 'town' but it is not the weather for going out! Much nicer to stay here with a warm fire and achieve something here.
I shoud add that I am not complaining about the rain, I have sworn I will never, ever complain about the rain, EVER!! after all the dry we have had here!
 I am very interested in our political situation with a possible hung parliament and several independant elected representatives. For the first time for so long we are hearing some common sense, truth being spoken, and NO spin. I wonder as so many are doing, what the result will be.

I am leaving you with this wonderful wisteria belonging to a friend. Isn't it gorgeous, can you bring the scent to is one I love! Good to lookat when the skies are very grey!
I hope you are having a wonderful, wild [and wet?] Wednesday!
love Aubrey


  1. Hi Aubrey, It is sooooo cold down here too. It's windy(feels like it's coming from antarctica), raining and we had hail last night with a thunderstorm. The sun peeked out for about 30 seconds this morning, now it's back to freezing. I love the colour of your new ripple pattern scarf. I hope you are tucked up near your fire, dogs for company no doubt and enjoying your craft and a nice cuppa. Stay warm!!

    Anne xx

  2. How exciting!!! You will have to show me that pattern when you come over. I love the wisteria - mine is still pretending it's winter.

  3. I have an award for you over on my blog
    Jacey x