Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, Kate is here and all great excitement! Our wool together creates a cacophany of colour, our jaws are probably going to ache soon from all the chattering.
We sat up in bed  drinking our tea and knitting our beanies for  THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL , for all the brave boys at Malvern Primary who shave their heads and raise money for cancer research....and talking!
Unfortunately chores still had to get done and I need some computer help so our crafting has to take second place for a little while.

The sky was black this morning with brilliant sun shining in the east

The sun has mostly gone but there is so much going on in the house it doesn't matter.
We are off  to NSW for a family wedding so no more until Monday I imagine.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Aubrey, I love your stone path. What type stone did you use and did either you or your hubbie make the path? I have a severe case of the wanties as we desperately need a path just like this that leads to the chook pen. It's a rather muddy path at the moment as we have had 67mm of rain this month. It's Miss G's job to feed the chooks before school and she has to be careful not to slip over. Enjoy your time with Kate.
    Love, Anne