Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Along with the world I grieve for Robin Williams. I grieve for a man with whom we have laughed and cried, a man who has given so much of himself to all who loved, friends and the far wider community of people who only knew him through his films. And he died alone, when his overpowering depression and battle with addiction finally got too much for him. We may never know what the final straw was for him, what made him feel he couldn't do this 'life' thing a moment longer. Depression haunts so many, from all walks of life, no barriers such as wealth, poverty. Colour or creed. R U OK are the words we need to say, and we need to listen for the answer, listen from our hearts.
So many unforgettable films will have Robin Williams in our minds for ever. Mork and Mindy, Good  Will Hunting, The Birdcage, Dead Poets Society and of course the indomitable Mrs Doubtfire come easily to me but there are so many more.
His humour, his whimsical smile, his warmth, his wry look at life. All unforgettable. And yet with all his laughter, his comedy there lurked a sadness in his eyes that he could never quite dispel.
We will remember him, our children will remember him and our grandchildren will  watch his films and get to know this very loveable man. Thankyou Robin Williams for a wonderful life you shared with us all.


  1. Agree, agree, agree xxx so terribly sad x

  2. He was an amazingly talented and creative man who gave much to this world. May he be at peace now.
    Anne xx

    1. Again thankyou for,sharing your thoughts. I still feel incredible sadness when I think of him,,especially with the added diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Old age, older age isn't for the faint hearted someone once said! He is at peace now I'm sure, he has earned it. xxx

  3. I, too, thought his eyes always seemed to be contrary to his outward actions. A sadness lurked in them. I am especially grateful to him for his philanthropy to animal rescue causes and the plight of the homeless. Two causes close to my heart. He was very generous and kind to others as well as being a talented actor and comedian.