Monday, August 18, 2014


A grandson in full flight! Not my photo but worthy of being in the August Break daily photos. A long time since I could jump, but never like this and never so high! I have two grandsons who are devoted skateboarders and a third who seems to have moved on, uni taking precedence over most things.

I decided to miss yesterday's book shelves challenge for the August break. I could have taken the piles of books on my bedside table but haven't anything I'm really enjoying at the moment. So didn't post. Tomorrow's is black and white so am looking forward to working out what I can do.
Have a good week everyone! Xx
And an extra photo I just found...

Kate's roosters about to jump! Their game is to walk up the stairs onto this balcony, fly up to the rail and then soar off to land in a flurry of feathers and then do it again! This was on my last visit to NZ. 


  1. I never knew hens could play! How fascinating! Great to see your August Break photo's X

  2. I have never seen playing chickens! How funny. Have a lovely week. x

  3. They really do play! Over and over! Very funny! xx