Friday, August 29, 2014


New shoots on a tree paeony which belonged to my mother-in-law and to her mother before her. They don't like to be moved but our little collection has been moved many times over the years. These peonies aren't particularly abundant in their growth but if you perhaps were maybe one hundred years old you wouldn't be either!

New shoots on a rose, not a great photo as E was about to drive off without me...not really but we were on a reasonably tight schedule to Melbourne and I hasn't taken photos!

A collection of new books, for me, waiting to be read, with the knowledge there are two more waiting at the library for me! Always exciting!
We had a long day, heading out from Melbourne in peak hour traffic, never a good time to leave when you have the Tullamarine Freeway to negotiate. However the bonus was seeing the sun go down, a beautiful sunset so although this isn't 'new' I'm giving you a glimpse of how our day finished!


  1. Mum - I think those sunset photos could go in a competition.

  2. I'm with Kate on that one Mrs A! Totally amazing colour in the sky, and the silhouettes of the street lights and traffic, wonderful! X

  3. How lucky to have the camera close by and remember it was close by as well at the perfect time! It was a perfect sunset. Thankyou both for your comments, always precious to get this feedback. Xxx