Saturday, August 30, 2014


When you look out of a plane window and see clouds they look so soft and comfortable...imagine lying in the middle of a cloud and drifting off to sleep!

I'm improvising as,when I went to take some photos a little while ago, the camera's battery was flat as a tack! I had only thought last night to check and of course that is all it was, just a fleeting thought, no action at all!

My completed rug is unbelievably soft and cosy. I use it almost every night toward the end of an evening when the fire isn't quite enough.

The soft fur on Bear, our golden retriever, if only he didn't have quite so much of it!!

The soft, dappled light shining through the old mulberry tree next to the stone chimney of the original slab hut on the farm. Reminding me of the mulberries, soft and squishy on the path into the house where they had fallen when ripe! Dodging them so they wouldn't be brought into the house!
Tomorrow, last day of the August Break. I have enjoyed having a topic and working out my slant on it.


  1. Lovely photo's. I agree the August Break has been fun, will be odd to go back to 'normal' blogging (whatever that is! ) X

  2. Bear is gorgeous. It's not so good when though molt though is it!
    Anne xx

    1. Again thankyou! Bear is lovely, a gentle big messy dog!