Sunday, August 24, 2014


I did wonder what my post would be about as so we have so many 'memory' possessions still packed, waiting for our new home. I think I've said we have only unpacked what was necessary for our immediate use, thinking we would only be here for a couple of months! Thus several mistakes were made, such as our winter sheets well and truly hidden away. I did find one box that had extra blankets, thank goodness as it has been rather a long dreary winter.
Anyway I digress!
Photos of photos I have on my dressing table...

My mother and father in the two single frames and my mother-in-law and father-in-law together. I never met my father-in-law and my father died when I was almost seventeen so it is lovely to have these 'memories' so close to us, where we see them every day.

This is a photo of my two younger brothers and I posing on an aeroplane tube my parents bought for us from a disposals shop in Melbourne. They were very impressed with themselves as,somehow, they had to carry it onto a tram then I suppose on a train to bring it home. Hardly a small keepsake! 
We lived on a farm with a creek just below the house so learning to swim was a necessity. We had so much fun with the tyre, floating around on it, seeing how many of us, including cousins who were staying with us, could crowd onto the tyre without falling off. And of course with four boys and one girl in the family tricks were often played...perhaps I might be floating in my own world when one of my brothers would come along and tip me off! Maybe occasionally the other way around!
By the way please don't think I had/have extraordinarily large feet! The flippers were good fun too.
Good memories of a time long gone.


  1. Gorgeous photos and wonderful memories.
    Anne xx

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    1. I do hate spellcheck sometimes! Now to what I meant to say... Pretty special memories. Sometimes you need a prod to recall these moments. xx

  3. I just love these photographs Mrs A! Especially the one of your dad, what a beautiful expression he has, such a lovely face. Black and white photographs are so very evocative, aren't they? X