Tuesday, July 24, 2012


'I know there is something going on in here, if I crouch down they might not see me...'

'Maybe I can find these funny feathered things around the back...'

They have found their perches...

What is she thinking? Is it safe to come out?

Bottoms up as they find their food.

I have three neighbours, all who have their birthdays in June and I have been planning a birthday afternoon tea for a whole month, life getting in the way. One, called June, is having a shoulder operation tomorrow so I thought that was a good 'reason' to lure them here. One of the 'girls' couldn't come owing to a very nasty bug but the show had to go on! Too late to cancel as I didn't get her message until the other two had arrived. I made tiny posies for each of them and presented them when I produced the cake and candles!
It was good fun apart from missing our dear friend.

Have a good day and 'see' you soon.

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  1. You are such a good friend. The flowers are beautiful and the chooks are very lubberly! Love Kate xxooxx.