Friday, July 13, 2012


It  is about time I showed some of my finished projects, a jumper for a special little girl.

This is how it was meant to look all over BUT I lost two balls of the violet wool. I searched everywhere, thought I had lost it somewhere else, went through ALL my stash and then gave up and rearranged my plan.
I had just enough wool to put a few stripes on the sleeves...

embroider a flower on a 'vacant' spot...

and declared the jumper finished. I was pleased and it does look very pretty. The said girl loves it and said 'it doesn't even make me feel scratchy'... a high compliment!
Three days later I found the missing wool, in my stash drawer!! Does this mean that the universe decided in it's most knowing way that the jumper would have been too stripey with so many stripes? I don't think I was meant to find those balls until after I had finished knitting because they were where I had looked many times!! I now think it is just right the way it is!!

For a new wee one, Josephine Lilly. I do love the name. I must say the pinks are much nicer than they appear here, the light is not very good today.

A black...would you believe...beanie for a 14 year old grandson. I hate to knit with black but as he never asks for anything I rose to the request and it wasn't too bad with the light shining right onto the knitting and it wasn't a jumper!!

Now have two parcels to send , well, wrap and send. This seems to be challenging for me, I find it hard to find the time to get to the PO and for us it is always a trip in the car, 15 or 25 minutes to get there so not just around the corner.

This is a work in progress and a labour of poignancy and love. Years ago, maybe forty or fifty my mother bought this piece of blanket. She  blanket stitched the two 'cut' edges and left the selvedges as they were. She had this blanket on the beds we used when we stayed with her, in fact there are two of them, the other more in gold tones. I inherited them, used them as spare blankets and when we bought our light coloured lounge suite we decided to put it over the couch that the big one and I always sit on, a two seater. the blanket is just not quite big enough so I decided to give it a new lease  of life and as our carpet is turquoisey I thought this would brighten everything up. BUT I couldn't bear to undo Mum's handiwork. I have completed three sides of the first row and think I probably need to do three or four...we'll see! I wonder where it will go when I no longer need it...maybe it will have an upgrade then too!

Have a lovely weekend !
I am having a fiddle with the blog so if the header is looking a bit odd...not in the right spot, please bear with me until I work out what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful, wonderful post! I loved it all and never realised those blankets were from Granny! How beautiful they will look with their new millenium turquoise edge. If you upload the header again it should come out in the right place. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.