Friday, July 6, 2012


 School holidays, boys, water, mud and bikes do go together!

The boys...grandsons from Melbourne here with their mother for some valued R&R, have built this ramp over a drain. They have reinforced their 'jump' with layers of rocks through the soil and have spent the last few days . I am not too sure of the expression on this face, apprehension or maybe just amazement at his remarkable feat! The wooden ramp was built during another holidays with two older boy cousins from Perth for their skateboards.
When they had finished yesterday it was straight into the bath  for them, clothes into the washing machine.
Today they are in different directions, one helping Pa to build a skate board rail and the other is playing with water colours...and paper thank goodness!  While dinner is cooking we have all been been drawing and  all improved so much just with a few nights of regular practice. Some people are so lucky as their drawing skills are just there but I do believe most people could learn to draw and with practice they can be more than capable.

A parcel for our two year old granddaughter in Perth. It was fun making the kittykat, part crochet and part knitted but not filled too much, more cuddley I thought.

Since I last wrote I have been to New Zealand to stay with Kate at Greedy for colour
These flowers were a 'nosegay' picked by my nephew for his wife, my niece, from along our walk, bound by grass, just gorgeous.

And these from Kate's lovely mother-in-law, gorgeous !!.

The computer is being REALLY SLOW, I think it needs some attention from someone more computer literate than I am so will leave holiday photos to later. 
It feels good to be 'back' and will try to be much more regular, have I sad that before? it does sound familiar!! But I will say goodbye for today and 'see you soon'!

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  1. Those photos are fantastic Mum - I love seeing the mud splurting up around George - you should get them blown up - the photos - not the boys. Love me xxooxx.