Saturday, July 7, 2012


I can't believe I am back again today. Today just feels a good day to be alive, after  another white, white frost. Now the sky is blue as blue, the air is crisp. I have taken a few photos but I haven't loaded them as I want to get on with my day and say HELLO! My poor jonquils were frozen, even the stems and it was as white as far as I could see into the paddocks but has gone now with the sun warming the grass.

When in NZ with the family I had to have a couple of days in bed with an infection. It wasn't all bad as Kate's studio is my bedroom and I am up almost in the trees. I had fun with the camera, experimenting with different settings, watching the sparrows in the trees AND  being with Kate as she made her beautiful quilt. Numerous cups of tea, chatting and reading, reading, reading. And the weather was awful, raining and cold, so not all bad at all. Then Archie, Kate's elder son, was sick too so he snuggled down with me as well!!
what a way to be in bed!

A tooth fell out!

Archie went to cubs.

Cousins played in the sun, precious time as this family is off to France for a year.

The beginning of Autumn.

Sparrows in the treetops.

Don't forget Kate at greedyforcolour is having a gorgeous giveaway! Worth looking at!

Have a fun day, enjoy your weekend!

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