Sunday, July 22, 2012


The big one here has been building this magnificent structure in his spare time for a while and at last it is finished. So.....yesterday I went to the ....

FARMERS MARKET in a local town. The big one sadly couldn't come as he had to do some 'cattle work' rather urgently. I bought our new arrivals......

They came home in boxes, six of them, I am sure too many for us but it will be great to be able to give eggs to family and friends... the Melbourne lot are lining up already! We should start to get eggs in a couple of weeks. 

The nesting boxes, built with a hinged door on the top so we can collect all the masses of eggs without disturbing the girls too much.

We are a bit concerned about Bear, our rather silly golden retriever who has rushed up barking to the enclosure. He will get used to them we think but we will keep him inside when we start letting them out in a few days time for some entertainment in the grass and around. all exciting.

Their first meal...only joking about the placemat, knife and fork!!

Have a great Sunday, here we have another beautiful North East winter's day, frost in the morning and then the clear skies...beauuutiffffullll!


  1. That's a lovely looking chook house and those girls look very happy already.
    Those taste of those eggs is going to be fantastic.
    Anne xx

    1. Thankyou Anne, we are thrilled and can hardly wait!