Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A few months ago Kate from Greedy for colour gave me a pair of 'delicious' socks, soft and warm, made of 8 ply wool. I often put them on in the evenings when I need a bit of comfort or just have cold feet.  Just so nice to have snuggling my toes!
We have some close friends who have recently lost their beautiful grandson, only twenty-two months old and an only child. As you can imagine the entire family, extended family and all their many friends are just devastated to have had this little boy for such a brief time. As every-one does, one's thoughts can be about what can be done to help those in the depth of grief. I too wondered and then came up with the 'Kate socks.' I rang her and she thought she might have the same wool which she would send to me, plus her pattern. The NZ post to Australia can be amazingly quick or very  slow but eventually this time the parcel arrived.....and so comes the point of this post! She didn't know whether she would have enough but we both thought I could fiddle a solution. Well, I weighed the socks I was given, weighed the wool Kate sent and THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME WEIGHT!! Next step was to divide the wool into two balls of exactly the same weight ...again! Now I have only the very end of the first sock to finish and in the photo you can see the amount of wool left to finish, obviously not the ball next to the sock! I couldn't get over the coincidence, the two amounts being the same and feel the  Universe really wants these socks for the mother to wear and perhaps gain some comfort.
We have had about ten days of drizzling rain, I'm not complaining but the dull misty days do start to get AT you. washing draped in front of the fire...being VERY grateful for the beautiful wood I am given every day...wet doggy smell inside.....yes they could stay out-side but how could i do that to mt friends,,,,dirty cars, puddles to avoid...unless you allow the child within to take over and so on. Today the sun has been visiting for brief periods and I found the eastern rosellas were visiting the bird feeder. The splash of colour is fabulous and very cheering!

I took this photo about half an hour ago in the sunshine and NOW it is raining again!! 
Back to some very over due accounts now, not so much fun but at least the job is a rewarding one!

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  1. That's amazing Mum - they look so warm and cosy. Love me xxooxx.